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Rogue Traders – The Season is Upon Us

We have all heard about rogue traders. They exist in every sector, including the roofing sector.

This time of the year, they seem to be more prevalent. So, we thought we would share some useful tips to ensure you do not become a victim to one. They will often target the vulnerable and elderly which is shameful. So please do pass on these tips to your families and friends so they are prepared and kept safe too.

TIP 1: Often they present themselves as “door knockers”. So please do be careful and on the lookout for doorstep trader scams. Especially as we now enter August. Summer weeks are coming to an end. They may use what appears as valid reasons to get maintenance work done on your roof before the weather changes and rain, snow and high winds come over the winter months. Just remember, always get a second opinion.

TIP 2: Often they will say that it is a simple job. Just a few loose tiles to repair. It will just cost a few pounds. It will take 30 minutes and my ladders are already up. The householder agrees and then the work commences. Then thy find some additional problems and complexities. So, more work is required and as they are already there, they may as well do the work. You trusted them to start the repair, so it becomes extremely hard now to say STOP.

So often the repairs will continue, and the charges escalate to hundreds even thousands of pounds. Sadly, in many cases, these repairs were never needed in the first place.

TIP 3: Often there are no written quotes which show exactly what is and is not included in the repairs and pricing. It may seem unnecessary to ask for it (especially when you are told is a quick, small job). However, having it in writing really does protect you from rising prices during and after completion of work. The lack of written details creates the opportunity for the trader to say that certain elements were not ever included in the original discussion and charge more. Sadly, if there is not anything written, then it becomes a difficult situation for the building owner.

Imperial Roofing Supplies Ltd know the best roofers in Leicestershire. We know who specialises in flat roofing and who specialises in pitch roofing. We know contractors that specialise in domestic work and commercial work. If you have a roofing requirement, whether that is for a new roof or for maintenance work then call us on 0116 260 8494 or email We would be more than happy to help and recommend the right contractors to help you for your job. We could recommend a few and you can then get quotes and decide. We are 100% independent, with no alliance to any contractor.

In summary… ask yourself a question. Would a reputable roofing contractor knock on doors to get business? No. Of course not. They would be busy on jobs and be booked weeks in advance.

So please be careful.

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