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Flat Roofing… Better than ever

Gone are the days when flat roofs meant cheap materials that did not last long, leaked and caused damage, and did not look nice. Nowadays some of the most beautiful homes and award-winning architectural designs have some or all the roof space as a flat roof.

This is because technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. New flat roofing systems are:

technologically advanced,

weather tight,

highly energy efficient,

faster to install,

more economical that pitch roofs,

plus, can come with up to a 25-year guarantee.

Whether it is a new build project, or you are replacing an existing flat roof covering, ensuring you take into consideration your options at an early stage is critical. Key considerations are:

Budget: how much are you looking to spend?

Climate: will the roof be subject to heavy rain, freezing temperatures, or intense sunlight?

Timeline: how quickly are you looking for the roof to be installed?

Installer: will you be installing it yourself or will this be undertaken by a roofing contractor?

A little more about felt roofing vs torch on felt

Felt Roofing

Roofing felt, also known as built up bitumen felt systems, is one of the older, more traditional, roofing systems which has been modernised due to technological advances. It is a lightweight material that is easy to install and budget friendly. These products can be used to waterproof and protect outside buildings from the weather and damp as a temporary or permanent fix. There are different finishes to provide a traditional look. The lifetime will depend on the product, whether it experiences a large amount of footfall, and any sort of damage caused by debris, but in general this type of roof withstands all types of weather and UV exposure very well and heavy duty roofing felt is available for a stronger finish with up to a 25 year insurance-backed manufacturers guarantee.


When it comes to installing a system like this, you have a choice of application types, depending on the product. Application is simple and not time consuming, especially compared to other systems. It can also

be carried out in most weather and does not require special conditions. Basic roofing felt can be nailed on or stuck down with a felt adhesive. These types of felts are easily applied and used mainly for sheds, outhouses, summerhouses, aviaries, or other small animal houses.


Torch on Felt / Self Adhesive Resitrix

Safe to torch systems are now available from stock from Index, Soprema & Resitrix. These have upto 25 year insurance-backed material guarantee for cold or warm roofs as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommended systems.

If you are interested in a new flat roof system and would like more information on our products please call on 0116 260 8494 or email to speak to our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly roofing expert team.

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