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Autumn and Winter Safety Checks: A little time and investment NOW can save a lot of money and may even save lives LATER.

As we come into the autumn and winter months, we here at Imperial Roofing Supplies cannot stress enough the importance of three things:

Check your chimney

Check your flue

Check your roof

Your chimney

Your chimney creates a ‘look’ for your home. It adds architectural design and character to your home. However, practically their true purpose is to carry dangerous flue gases from your fireplace, wood stove or furnace safely out of your home. 

If your chimney is incorrect for your home, badly fitted, or damaged then this can have significant consequences. ​Chimney fires can burn explosively. Flames or dense smoke may shoot from the top of the chimney. However, those are only the chimney fires you know about.

Key checks are:

Flashing. Is it in good condition? Weather conditions can significantly affect the metal component of the chimney. A rust hole in the flashing can lead to the flashing not adequately keeping water out resulting in your roof having serious water damage, including structural damage.

Mortar. If the mortar around the chimney deteriorates then moisture can get in and cause damage.

Loose or cracked bricks. This can also let moisture can get in and cause damage.

Leaning chimneys. These will need to be rebuilt.

Cracked chimney crowns. These require repair to prevent moisture from damaging your masonry and flue lining.

Chimney cap. Check it is fitted correctly and if you do not have one then we recommend you get one installed. They help prevent moisture, keep birds and other creepy crawlies from coming down the chimney and they act as guard that protects against flying embers.

Your flue

Your flue is the internal lining of the chimney. If it is incorrect for your home, badly fitted, damaged or dirty then this can have significant consequences. Even the smallest crack in the flue will expose your home to an increased risk of a chimney fire which can lead to a house fire.

Your roof

Loose and / or missing tiles and slates can cause significant damage to your home. With rain, sleet, snow, and winds over the autumn and winter months, we highly recommend you check your roof for these and get them repaired sooner rather than later. The investment to repair a few loose or missing tiles is negligible compared to the cost of repairing a leaky roof and all the other damage this can cause.

As a family run company formed in 1999, we pride ourselves on being a truly independent roofing merchant, with no affiliation with a contractor or supplier. This unique position allows us to give impartial advice, based on years of experience in the building industry. If you are a homeowner, roofing contractor, builder, or architect and would like support, advice or supply for your building projects then just give us a call 0116 260 8494, email or pop in to see us at Charnwood Edge, Cossington, Leicester LE7 4UZ.

No project is too small or too big. Always happy to help.

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