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Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roofs offer their own unique challenges compared to their pitched counterparts, often due to the nature of their construction. As a waterproof membrane stretched over a solid roof base, they encounter certain problems that a tiled pitched roof doesn’t come across.

As Leicester’s foremost roofing merchant and provider of independent roofing supplies, we have put together a list of the most common problems associated with flat roofs.

Pooling water

Though they usually have a slight incline to them, flat roofs don’t tend to drain very well compared to pitched roofs. As a result, they often develop pooling water, where a puddle forms on the roof and is unable to drain away satisfactorily. If left unattended, this pooling water can put stress on the roof’s membrane, leading to potential leaks.


When pockets of moisture or air develop under the membrane, it can lead to blistering. This occurs when those pockets are warmed by the sun and expand, weakening the surface of the membrane and resulting in leaks.


With a bitumen-coated roof, prolonged exposure to heat and rain can result in alligatoring, so called because the surface cracks in a manner not unlike the skin of an alligator. Left to its own devices, this can deteriorate further, allowing the ingress of water beneath the membrane and into the property.


As houses settle and shift over time, they can sometimes bring the membrane on a flat roof with them. This results in a buckling effect causing undue stress on the material, leading to possible leaks or further damage.

The advantage of flat roofs is that most of these problems are easily fixed by replacing the membrane. At Imperial Roofing Supplies UK Ltd, we carry an extensive range of flat roof roofing supplies that will fit the job at hand. From shed felt and the liquid roofing system from Rapid Roof, to guaranteed membrane flat roof systems from Chesterfelt, Soprema, Index, and Rinova, there is always something in stock that will give you the results you need. Call us on 0116 260 8494 today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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